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Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

Both Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert have returned on their respective shows, after a 3 month hiatus due to the writers’ guild strike. The biggest change? They’re running solo — no writers.

Having watched a few nights’ worth of the “new” shows, I can’t see a difference. It seems to be the exact, same comedic humor that graced the shows before, only maybe funnier. This, of course, can’t possibly help the writers’ strike, since it shows that hosts like Stewart and Colbert don’t need them.

The Writers’ Guild is unhappy about this, of course, but can you blame Stewart and Colbert? They have to make a living too, and I missed out on my Indecision 2008 coverage thanks to them. Maybe this is how it should have always been… no writers, just the funny host.

Who needs the writers?