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Before the WordPress Development Blog even announced it, I’ve upgraded to the 2.3 branch and everything seems to be going fine. Quite a few new features (a good list is here), and most of my plugins went through 2.3 fine. All except for the Google Sitemaps Generator, but a quick upgrade was all that was needed.

The UTW tag importer went fine, and I guess I’ve got to change some things around on the site to reference this new tag feature set. 2.3 seems very nice so far.

Update: The official announcement is out.

Also, the tables you can manually drop in your database are wp_tags, wp_tag_synonyms and wp_post2tag. That’s for people who were using UTW before.

Note: Make sure you have your UTW tags imported before you drop these tables (Manage › Import › Ultimate Tag Warrior). Otherwise, you lose everything.