Tagged upgrade

Soo, WordPress 2.5 has been released. Upgrade went fine, but I definitely cannot say I like the new admin. The navigation, especially, seems unfinished and not thought through. Oh, and the submit buttons are ugly as hell.

My new excuse of not blogging is so I don’t hurt my eyes straining to decipher the extremely non-contrasting colors in the new admin design. Ugh. I even have to turn down my screen’s brightness so I’m not blinded.

At least they got rid of the DBX boxes.

Before the WordPress Development Blog even announced it, I’ve upgraded to the 2.3 branch and everything seems to be going fine. Quite a few new features (a good list is here), and most of my plugins went through 2.3 fine. All except for the Google Sitemaps Generator, but a quick upgrade was all that was needed.

The UTW tag importer went fine, and I guess I’ve got to change some things around on the site to reference this new tag feature set. 2.3 seems very nice so far.

Update: The official announcement is out.

Also, the tables you can manually drop in your database are wp_tags, wp_tag_synonyms and wp_post2tag. That’s for people who were using UTW before.

Note: Make sure you have your UTW tags imported before you drop these tables (Manage › Import › Ultimate Tag Warrior). Otherwise, you lose everything.