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Now that I’m browsing without Adblock, I’ve noticed the ads that sprinkles on its pages, and I thought of something:

What if the ads were targeted specifically for your music tastes?

It probably wouldn’t be too hard — already taps into its database of your music taste to calibrate the “Taste-o-Meter” comparing your “musical compatibility” with your friends. So why wouldn’t it be a reasonably simple task to pick from different genres of ads and display “relevant” advertising?

While it might be a bit of extra work for, it would be a step up for advertisers. Instead of advertising to me the latest albums by CSS or The Away Team, I’d rather see (and be more likely to be influenced) by an Angels & Airwaves ad for their new album, I-Empire1.

To recap, I don’t want to see ads for a heavy metal band. I would much rather see an ad for some other band.

  1. Which, as a sidenote, is damn good.