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Here at Automattic we’re allllll about sharing source code. # recently rolled out some very cool tools for posting source code, yet, ironically, considering the first sentence of that post, quoted above, the code hasn’t [yet] been released for WordPress users not on the shared hosting service.

Viper007Bond to the rescue. Once I saw what users were able to use, I grew envious and began to hunt for my own solution. Then Viper posted news of his own implementation to the mailing list, and after a bit of searching on the plugins site I found his SyntaxHighlighter plugin. Allow me to demonstrate:

~~~ .prettyprint

// Demonstrating syntax highlighting. print “This is some PHP code.”;


It automatically only loads the JavaScript files you need, and deals with encoding < characters, so it makes it extremely easy to post source code. Very well done, Viper.

Oh, and for those who don't use WordPress, the code uses a JavaScript library by Alex Gorbatchev, [SyntaxHighlighter](