Just moved the domain away from GoDaddy to NearlyFreeSpeech, largely due to GoDaddy’s support for SOPA. Despite them saying they have withdrawn support for SOPA, this appears to merely be a PR move, and they have not actually withdrawn support for SOPA.

Read more about SOPA on Wikipedia, and find out why it’s not a good thing. Also, here’s’s official stance on SOPA.

Seeing as nothing ever happens on this site anymore, I’ve switched it to Nearly Free Speech hosting, which bills itself as “the original home of only pay for what you use hosting.” Why? Even though DreamHost has a pretty good plan (unlimited disk usage and bandwidth for $10.95/month), by the NFSN price estimate I can cut that yearly cost by 1000%.

It’s been a breeze to set up; took about 4 hours total to make the move (3.5 of which was waiting for DNS to propagate), and, as a plus, the site seems much faster in general.

Back to ignoring the site for now.

robinadr on Titan

I’ve switched the site over from a very customized Grid Focus theme to Titan by the Theme Foundry. I found it after searching through many pages of the WordPress theme directory. What I especially like about it are the colors as well as the layout.

It also comes with extensive options for customizing what goes where, especially in the sidebar and the header, which was a nice surprise. I originally intended to design my own theme, but that is honestly too much work.

With a bit (a lot) of spare time over the holidays, I’ve done some housekeeping around here. Including updating plugins (more on that in a bit), deactivating plugins that I haven’t used in, well, years, and poking around in cPanel. I can’t tell if it’s just a Placebo or not, but it definitely feels a lot faster. Continue reading →

So seeing as how I don’t use this site anymore at all (it took me 30 seconds to figure out where the write post page was in the new WordPress menu), I’ve shifted it back to A Small Orange for their dirt cheap $25/year Tiny plan. Compared to DreamHost, this is about a fourth of the cost.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t completely screw it up.