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Since I’ve installed Leopard, I’ve noticed all the bells and whistles people keep talking about, but one part I haven’t heard anything about is the much-improved printing facilities that Leopard introduced. In Tiger, the printer setup was buried in the Utilities folder, but now in Leopard it’s in plain sight in the System Preferences, and it is much easier to use now.

Leopard printing

Instead of the minimal (and cryptic) Printer Setup Utility that’s been there since 10.2 (at least, as far as I know), you’re now met with a much friendlier screen that shows you everything you actually need to know about the printer, and buttons to tweak it further. It even automatically added the printer when I plugged it into the USB port, whereas before if I wanted to use it I had to navigate through the printer list in print dialogs.

Even though these kind of improvements are minor, and most users most likely won’t notice them, it shows that Apple is still committed to polishing up all aspects of OS X. Every version just gets better and better.