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Here’s a (probably ever-growing) list of reasons why I hate MySpace:

  1. User-defined CSS — it might be cool to have a bit of customization, but this takes it too far. Most of the profile pages are either hideous and unusable, or both.
  2. Advertising — I don’t mind ads. But MySpace just plasters them everywhere. And they’re the annoying type — dating services and such.
  3. UI — the user interface is horrendous. Sure, they’ve upgraded the user’s main control panel page a bit, but it’s still overtly crowded and confusing.
  4. Tom — nothing personal against this guy, but he’s everywhere. Oh, and apparently he’s not the age he lists in his profile — kinda creepy.
  5. Spam — spam friend requests, spam comments, spam private messages, where does it stop?!? Facebook is starting to have a little bit of this, but no where near as bad as MySpace.
  6. Music — the music that suddenly starts blaring if you visit someone’s profile page. If I want to listen to it, I’ll click the play button, okay? added 11/12/07

That’s all I can think of. I’ll add more as time goes by. Oh, and if you hate MySpace and need a place to spend your now-free time, you might want to go to I Fucking Hate MySpace.

Is it even possible to do this? I’ve been trying to cancel my MySpace for a few days now, but I never get the email. Of course, it’s my school’s email, so it may be blocked by something my school has set up, but even my Gmail doesn’t seem to be able to receive the “email changed” confirmation code.

Is it actually possible to cancel a MySpace? Has anyone done this before successfully?