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When you lose something dear to you, accepting the loss is always the hardest part. The wrenching feeling of it being ripped from your life leaves a hole that can’t be filled for a long time, if ever. The need to fill that hole leads to desperation, the frantic need to feel whole again.

But after a while, the desperation becomes muted and numbs the feeling of loss. The rational process takes over and tries to come up with a way to get that part back. Frustration and anger rise to the surface, because the plan doesn’t work or doesn’t seem to be working fast enough.

Finally, the loss becomes a normal feeling. It’s something that can be lived with every day, and put to the back of the mind. It’s this acceptance of loss that leads to closure. The wonderful feeling of leaving it all behind and letting yourself become whole again.

C’est la vie. It’s all about the journey.