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Here’s a (probably ever-growing) list of reasons why I hate MySpace:

  1. User-defined CSS — it might be cool to have a bit of customization, but this takes it too far. Most of the profile pages are either hideous and unusable, or both.
  2. Advertising — I don’t mind ads. But MySpace just plasters them everywhere. And they’re the annoying type — dating services and such.
  3. UI — the user interface is horrendous. Sure, they’ve upgraded the user’s main control panel page a bit, but it’s still overtly crowded and confusing.
  4. Tom — nothing personal against this guy, but he’s everywhere. Oh, and apparently he’s not the age he lists in his profile — kinda creepy.
  5. Spam — spam friend requests, spam comments, spam private messages, where does it stop?!? Facebook is starting to have a little bit of this, but no where near as bad as MySpace.
  6. Music — the music that suddenly starts blaring if you visit someone’s profile page. If I want to listen to it, I’ll click the play button, okay? added 11/12/07

That’s all I can think of. I’ll add more as time goes by. Oh, and if you hate MySpace and need a place to spend your now-free time, you might want to go to I Fucking Hate MySpace.

It’s amazing what you can find on the Internet — and I just stumbled upon a goldmine of information that is hosted by Wikia, a hosted wiki service started by Jimmy Wales, most famous for, of course, Wikipedia, the wiki of all wikis. Just some gems I found.

Best part? All of this information is from users — I know the “wiki” concept might be a bit old and all, but it’s still hard not to be awed by the whole Wikia universe. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to kill time the best way I know how to1.

  1. Apart from Wikipedia, of course.