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Thanks to an article on CNET, I’ve begun to use Miro, formerly known as the Democracy Player, for all my television viewing. I’m subscribed to quite a few feeds on, and I’m all set for this fall, when all the new seasons start.

So far Miro’s been decently stable for a “public preview,” with no crashes yet but I swear it eats up memory, because for some reason my computer keeps slowing down after Miro’s been open for quite a while, but I think this may just be my imagination. The interface is nice, and is integrated into the whole Mac OS X feel quite well, considering it’s an XULRunner application. It’s got a few visual bugs here and there, but, once again, it’s only a “public preview.”

I actually don’t have cable service for TV (new house, no cable lines, yet) and I don’t want to have to get a satellite, so I guess it’s internet TV for me.