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With the recent news that Yahoo wants Google’s spot in iOS, I went to Yahoo to see what it looks like after all these years. I was met with this:

Yahoo's home page

What is this tabloid garbage? The entire website is an affront to clean, efficient design. If you compare this to Google’s frequently-touted minimalistic homepage, and it looks even worse. On the other hand, if you go to, you’re greeted by this:

Yahoo's search page

The difference is just night and day. If Yahoo wants to be taken seriously in search again (even though they sold it all to Microsoft), they need to make this minimal design their homepage as soon as possible.

Fred Hutch Speed Test

Oh, fuck yeah. When can I move in?

So, not only do they:

  1. Make me watch a 30 second commercial in order to connect to the Internet; I can deal with this.
  2. They stick an advertising frame on every single fucking page. Of course, they can’t even get this right; half the pages have it, half of them don’t. Seems like if you go to a site from a bookmark, you can avoid this.

How about you just suck it up and give out free, ad-free internet access? Even the Seattle-Tacoma Airport does this, and they’re beyond broke. This isn’t even fast internet, either.

I’m going to take a leaf out of the Book of Gruber.

Mark Cuban is the Jackass of the Week.

Ars Technica has everything I would say in response to this article so I’m not going to go over it again.

Mr. Cuban, I would do some research. Not all Bittorrent traffic is warez. And it shouldn’t be so hard for Comcast to keep bandwidth up — not to mention the US is pretty far behind in terms of internet infrastructure.

Edit: The comments on that post are a good read, too. Not so favorable for Mr. Cuban.

Although I first heard of the show with zefrank when it started, mostly thanks to Kottke, I never really watched any of it. So, I’m starting with the very first show, from March 17, 2006, and I’m planning on working my way through the entire year of “episodes” (mini-episodes?), all the way to the very last one, posted exactly one year later.

zefrank also made a special video (I think it was a special video) about the Writers’ Guild of America strike that’s going on. Fake Steve Jobs also has some interesting comments on the strike.

I’ve also subscribed to Radio News, by The Onion, which is similar and never ceases to give me a good laugh. Of course, the rest of the “news” is worth a look too.