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Although I first heard of the show with zefrank when it started, mostly thanks to Kottke, I never really watched any of it. So, I’m starting with the very first show, from March 17, 2006, and I’m planning on working my way through the entire year of “episodes” (mini-episodes?), all the way to the very last one, posted exactly one year later.

zefrank also made a special video (I think it was a special video) about the Writers’ Guild of America strike that’s going on. Fake Steve Jobs also has some interesting comments on the strike.

I’ve also subscribed to Radio News, by The Onion, which is similar and never ceases to give me a good laugh. Of course, the rest of the “news” is worth a look too.

From last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert’s introduction line:

Error 404, introduction to show not found! This is… the Colbert Report.

Not as many laughs from the audience as his intro lines usually get, but I got this one…