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Bananas after the rats

I woke up this morning, and my bananas looked like the picture above. I noticed the chunk missing of the apple below them the day before, but I didn’t think too much about it. I couldn’t figure out what happened. Did the fruit rot from the inside out? It couldn’t be insects — there’s no way insects could do that kind of damage.

Then I sent that picture to a few people and asked what they thought. One person replied with something that froze the blood in my veins: rats. Well, hopefully only one.

I searched for “bananas eaten by rats” and the first image that came up looked exactly like what I saw this morning. That settled it: I had rodents in my house. My first instinct was to burn the house down, collect insurance money, and move far, far away. But calmer thoughts prevailed.

My first step will be to check all the screens covering the doors and windows to see if there’s a hole somewhere, as well as to check the dry foods in my pantry. After that, I might have to pick some traps up or call in a professional.

More updates to come.