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Wow, 1.0 didn’t last too long, did it. A new version of Headcode is available, with a few new additions.

Go to the Headcode page to download it.


  • Got rid of .DS_Store and __MACOSX stuff. (thanks, h0bbel)
  • Instead of echo Options::get(), Options::out(). Simpler, and adheres to the Habari standard. (thanks, freakerz)
  • Added phpDoc information.

Thanks to two recent commits to the Habari SVN repository (changesets 851 and 864), my first plugin for Habari can be released. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Headcode.

From the readme:

This plugin enables you to inject your own code into the <head> section of your template, and before the closing </body> tag in your template.

It spawned out of a list of Habari plugin ideas from H0bbel, and I thought I should start out easy to get my feet wet.

Go to the Headcode project page to download it.