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For the mass market, it was an obnoxious technology that gave rise to the term, “glasshole”. But despite Google admitting its failure in trying to make it the next big thing, Google Glass has found willing adopters:

One of Europe’s busiest airports, Amsterdam’s Schiphol hub in the Netherlands, is trialling Google Glass for use by airport authority officers as a hands-free way to look up gate and airplane information.

It’s also testing Google’s face computer on travelers passing through the terminal in a bid to better understand the ‘customer journey’, thanks to Glass’ first person perspective.

It’s more proof, if proof were needed, that Google Glass is another Segway — i.e. a technology not destined for the mass market, but for niche industrial and service industry applications.

No shit. There’s absolutely no need to strap a camera to your face for people’s everyday life. Not only for lack of tangible benefit to yourself, but for the sake of everyone else around you also.

It’s the natural evolution for this kind of computing: first it was someone at a PC station, now it’s mostly employees walking around with iPads, and soon it could be people wearing something like Google Glass in that role.