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I just downloaded MarsEdit and I’m giving it a trial run. I’m just finding the WordPress admin a bit… web-like. I’ve probably stared at those shades of blue a little too much.

So far so good. The setup wizard which popped up the first time I opened MarsEdit was extremely simple — one dialog for the blog name and URL, another for the username and password, and I was good to go. The interface is very clean and I’ve got everything within one click.

I was fiddling around with the preferences and got a nice surprise — support for Markdown! Also, the side panel for selecting categories is very nice. It does what the WordPress categories selector can’t do, which is work like a part of the OS. That’s definitely one of the pros of using a desktop blogging software.

MarsEdit uploads

The Flickr support is seamless — just click on a button which takes you to Flickr to authorize MarsEdit to access your account, then you’re good to go! One thing, though — you can’t upload photos from within MarsEdit. That would really be great.

Unfortunately, there are a few things either aren’t supported or I can’t find (probably the second one).

  • Tags — I can’t find the keywords field? There’s a rather obscure (not in the main posting window) option for Technorati tags, but from gut feeling and the fact that it says it appends them to your post, I don’t think this would work with the internal tagging system introduced in WordPress 2.3?
  • WordPress uploads — this is probably more WordPress’ lack of support for this area of the XML-RPC support. But nowadays I use Flickr for images — the WordPress uploader is in dire need for an overhaul — so I’m fine.

All in all, MarsEdit is very nice software. The developer, Daniel Jalkut, was a great help for nursing the WordPress XML-RPC interface for 2.3, and I must say he’s done a very good job with MarsEdit. It even feels Mac OS X-y!