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History of the Hofmeister kink

The Hofmeister kink is an automobile design feature seen on modern BMWs and automobiles by other manufacturers […] which consists of a low forward bend at the C-pillar or D-pillar in the case of touring vehicles or SUV’s.

The kink first appeared on the BMW 3200 CS and the BMW 1500 at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1961 and was later named after then-BMW director of design, Wilhelm Hofmeister. Apart from its stylistic effect, the Hofmeister kink is said by BMW to suggest that all BMW models have rear-wheel drive (or all-wheel drive biased to the rear).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Once you know about it, you can’t stop seeing it (especially on BMWs). The picture above is from New Media Campaigns, where there is also more information about the kink.

Soo, WordPress 2.5 has been released. Upgrade went fine, but I definitely cannot say I like the new admin. The navigation, especially, seems unfinished and not thought through. Oh, and the submit buttons are ugly as hell.

My new excuse of not blogging is so I don’t hurt my eyes straining to decipher the extremely non-contrasting colors in the new admin design. Ugh. I even have to turn down my screen’s brightness so I’m not blinded.

At least they got rid of the DBX boxes.

It appears the previous design is still considered by some to be a ‘clone’ of Gruber’s Daring Fireball, despite sharing absolutely no similarities under the hood.

Whilst flattering, it is none-the-less a distraction that cannot possibly end up on a positive note.

Design regressed, the topic is now closed. Thank you. #

It’s not really so much what’s under the hood than what it looks like. I could make an Expression Engine or Textpattern theme that looks exactly like that site. To be honest, the first time I visited Smackfoo I wondered if John Gruber knew about it.

robinadr, v6

While version 5.0 only lasted about two weeks, I’ve finally settled on a design that I like quite a bit.

  • The header photo is from, titled “Speed”.
  • The navigation style was inspired by Stopdesign’s. I’ve always admired Stopdesign — one of the best designs I’ve ever seen. Also, the variance between sections of the site is a very nice touch.
  • The style of the post titles and comment links are inspired by the previous incarnation of Binary Bonsai, nicknamed Freya.