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Comcast has finally clarified their definition of “excessive use,” a term they use along with “excessive users” to justify cutting certain customers off.

Charlie Douglas, a spokesperson for Comcast Corporation, called back to clarify what “excessive usage” means and why the company’s actions to end its relationship with these customers is good for gamers. First, Douglas defines Comcast’s “excessive use” as any customer who downloads the equivalent of 30,000 songs, 250,000 pictures or 13 million emails in a month. #

It’s interesting how they measure it in terms of songs, pictures and emails, but specifically songs, because isn’t downloading music illegal, no matter how much you download? Also, it would be nice if they gave specific numbers, since “13 million emails” or “250,000 pictures” can be very different in size, depending on what your definition of “email” or “picture” is.

Douglas said that Comcast’s actions to cut ties with excessive users is a “great benefit to games and helps protect gamers and their game experience” due to their overuse of the network and thus “degrading the experience.” #

That’s just bureaucratic bullshit for saying that their infrastructure can’t handle excessive load, and they don’t want to change that because they would have to spend money and therefore cut into their profits.

(via Slashdot)