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I’m honestly a bit puzzled right now. For some reason, as I was browsing a web page in Safari, the fan in my Macbook started to spin, and it got to the point where it must have been spinning full speed, which is quite loud. I looked at my CPU graph from iStat menus and for some reason, both my CPU’s cores were intermittently running at 100%. First, one core would go to 100%, then the other, then split it 50-50, and so on.

I looked at the process list, and apparently bzip2 was the process taking up so much CPU. What the hell? I’m not running anything that would even think about needing bzip2 to compress something — just Safari. And about 10 seconds later, the bzip2 process was gone, and the computer’s back to normal.

Googling didn’t help, so: what the hell?