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For the first time ever, I have written a post at least once a month, for twelve months in a row.

For most years, it seems I never found the time to blog during the summer, and for the others apparently winter wasn’t the right time to blog either.

I’d like to thank my family and my friends. Shout out to the two or three regular readers that may just be me testing my design in a private browsing window; this one’s for you.


Seeing as nothing ever happens on this site anymore, I’ve switched it to Nearly Free Speech hosting, which bills itself as “the original home of only pay for what you use hosting.” Why? Even though DreamHost has a pretty good plan (unlimited disk usage and bandwidth for $10.95/month), by the NFSN price estimate I can cut that yearly cost by 1000%.

It’s been a breeze to set up; took about 4 hours total to make the move (3.5 of which was waiting for DNS to propagate), and, as a plus, the site seems much faster in general.

Back to ignoring the site for now.

Happy Cog just launched their blog, smartly titled Cognition. A key difference from most blogs, however, is that in order to comment, you must reply via Twitter.

Kids today are more likely to respond to a blog post on Twitter than in the article’s comments section; so we’ve collocated our comments on Twitter. Share a tweet-length response here, and, with your permission, it will go there.

Here’s the thing, though: I don’t have a Twitter. I don’t want a Twitter. I will never, ever, fucking want a Twitter. Please understand this, and realize that there’s still 0.1% of the world, myself included, that don’t use Twitter, and would prefer not to be forced to signing up for one just to comment on a blog.

I don’t see why Happy Cog didn’t just offer regular comments instead of a tweet — you can even keep the length requirement, but just post it directly to the site. Their only other alternative is writing on your own site, which I’ve been forced to do.

So here’s my original comment:

I can’t find a link back to the blog from the Happy Cog website… I’ve tried and tried but even the sitemap has nothing. An oversight, perhaps?

I lost the exact wording since I hit “don’t,” which I thought meant it would just post to the site as opposed to tweeting it. As it happens, the original comment was exactly 140 characters…

God damn, I hate using the word “tweeting.”

In other news, and kind of related:

I just downloaded MarsEdit and I’m giving it a trial run. I’m just finding the WordPress admin a bit… web-like. I’ve probably stared at those shades of blue a little too much.

So far so good. The setup wizard which popped up the first time I opened MarsEdit was extremely simple — one dialog for the blog name and URL, another for the username and password, and I was good to go. The interface is very clean and I’ve got everything within one click.

I was fiddling around with the preferences and got a nice surprise — support for Markdown! Also, the side panel for selecting categories is very nice. It does what the WordPress categories selector can’t do, which is work like a part of the OS. That’s definitely one of the pros of using a desktop blogging software.

MarsEdit uploads

The Flickr support is seamless — just click on a button which takes you to Flickr to authorize MarsEdit to access your account, then you’re good to go! One thing, though — you can’t upload photos from within MarsEdit. That would really be great.

Unfortunately, there are a few things either aren’t supported or I can’t find (probably the second one).

  • Tags — I can’t find the keywords field? There’s a rather obscure (not in the main posting window) option for Technorati tags, but from gut feeling and the fact that it says it appends them to your post, I don’t think this would work with the internal tagging system introduced in WordPress 2.3?
  • WordPress uploads — this is probably more WordPress’ lack of support for this area of the XML-RPC support. But nowadays I use Flickr for images — the WordPress uploader is in dire need for an overhaul — so I’m fine.

All in all, MarsEdit is very nice software. The developer, Daniel Jalkut, was a great help for nursing the WordPress XML-RPC interface for 2.3, and I must say he’s done a very good job with MarsEdit. It even feels Mac OS X-y!