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I got into the Mailbox for Mac beta today, and gave it a try. I’ve tried the app before on my iPhone, but it never seemed useful enough to be worth the trouble of using it instead of the built-in email client.

I tend to use my inbox as a to-do list, so at first Mailbox seems like a perfect solution for me. I strive to take care of these tasks in my inbox, and my work doesn’t finish until it sits empty. This philosophy goes by the name of Inbox Zero, as made popular by 43 Folders.

What I’ve learned from first trying Mailbox on my iPhone and now on my Mac is that I’m not an email power user. I’ve never received so many emails and had so many “tasks” sitting in my inbox that I felt overwhelmed. At most, I have fewer than 10 items waiting for me.

Now that I’ve realized this, I see how Mailbox would be a godsend for a lot of email power users. The ability to quickly swipe left to delete or archive, or swipe right to deal with it later would be great if I had to deal with hundreds of emails every day.

The Verge’s review agrees with this. With this in mind, I still think Mailbox serves as an excellent email client even for a light email user like myself. Ever since Sparrow sold out to Google, I’ve been using Airmail but it’s always felt bloated and clunky to use.

My biggest problem with Mailbox when the iPhone app came out was needing to hand your IMAP credentials over (now to Dropbox) in order to use the service. It seems for Google they’re using the OAuth setup, and I assume for iCloud they’re using the same token setup Sunrise uses.

This limits the services you can use to Gmail and iCloud email, but I assume more providers will be added in the future. This ensures you only ever enter your Google credentials on a Google website, and that they don’t have to store your iCloud credentials. I’m going to try using Mailbox as a simple email client and see how it goes.

I also have three “betacoins” to give out…