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Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a weird “throttling” effect on my Internet traffic. I’m on Qwest’s “Fastest” home DSL, and after I start up my BitTorrent downloading and uploading, it fluctuates. Every once in a while it will rapidly descend to 0 kb/s, and the connection goes dead, essentially. I can’t download, upload, surf the web, ping servers, and so on.

Then, after around 5 seconds or so, it ascends back to normal, and I can download and access the Internet once again. Until, of course, this whole process repeats itself. It’s getting quite annoying, and I did a bit of Google research, coming up with a forum thread on which ISPs throttle BitTorrent traffic. The last one caught my eye:

Despite what the website says, Qwest doesn’t block P2P traffic. People have had problems with the modem locking up due to too many connections and the like leading them to believe that Qwest is throttling them. This issue has come up multiple times on the Qwest forum.

Every connection generates errors; moreso if you have a long line with high attenuation. Interleaving trades latency for stability. Some don’t like it, but the policy has nothing to do with laziness. #

I don’t know what to do about this, however. It seems rather surprising that a modem would cave under minor BitTorrent traffic (around 30 kb/s altogether) and if it does, the next thing I may try is to use another modem to dial up to the Qwest DSL, since all it uses is PPPoA.