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From your database to your Dropbox

I’ve spent some time putting together a solution for automated database backups (from MariaDB in this case) to a remote data storage. Since my web host only does backups for my site itself, I was left to find a solution on my own. My goal was to find something that was simple, efficient, and most importantly of all, automated.

Here’s a brief overview of what my backup solution consists of:

  • A bash script is run weekly through cron
  • This script first creates a gzipped database dump using mysqldump
  • The dump is then uploaded to Dropbox[^1] using Dropbox Uploader
  • Once it’s uploaded to Dropbox, the local copy is deleted

The bash Script

~~~ .prettyprint


_file=”backup-$(date +”%Y-%m-%d”).sql.gz”

cd ~ mysqldump –user=username –password=password –host=hostname
–databases database1 database2 | gzip >$_file ./ -q upload $_file “/DB Backups/$_file” rm $_file

You can [download a copy of this script here]( Most of it should be self-explanatory. Here's where you might want to change something:

* You can [change the date format](
* I have it set to upload to the DB Backups folder in the root of my Dropbox; you can set this to whatever you want
* Put **your own database info** in to the `mysqldump` command

## Setting Dropbox Uploader Up

`` is a `bash` script that provides an interface to Dropbox. You can [download it from the Github page](, and follow the instructions to set it up. Place this file in the **same directory as the script above** unless you change the reference in the script.

I ended up giving the Uploader script full access to my Dropbox, as I wasn't sure how to give it application-specific storage and yet still access a folder in the root of my Dropbox.

<img src="" alt="Backup notification" width="356" height="121" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-813" />

Once all of this is set up, the script will automatically upload a backup of your database to your Dropbox at whatever interval you set.

[^1]: This is a referral link; if you sign up with it we both get an extra 500 MB for free.