Note: I have not used X-Chat Aqua/Azure in years and there is a strong chance this plugin does not work with it anymore.

X-Chat Aqua Now Playing

This is a Perl plugin for X-Chat Aqua that adds a command, /np, which displays what you’re playing in iTunes at the moment.


  1. Make sure X-Chat Aqua is not running.
  2. Unzip the file you downloaded.
  3. Copy to /Applications/X-Chat Aqua/Plugins/.
  4. Play something in iTunes.
  5. Start X-Chat Aqua up, and try it out by typing in a channel /np and pressing enter.

Credits & Thanks

  • Joey for the original AppleScript that is used in the Perl script.
  • John Gruber and O’Reilly for help on using AppleScript and Perl together.