I no longer maintain this plugin. The latest versions can be found here.

This plugin lets you use footnotes in your posts. The syntax it uses is <footnote>Your footnote</footnote>, wherever you want the reference point to be. Everything else is done automatically.


Download Footnotes 1.0

An Important Note

In order for this plugin to be reasonably functional, you need to apply a patch to your Habari install. This patch makes the posts on the front page not show excerpts, which would mess with the footnotes.

I’m hoping to get this into the Habari core soon, but so long as that line of code is in there, the patch is needed.

If you need help in how to apply the patch, just run this command in your Habari directory:

patch -p0 < /patch/to/k2-no-excerpts.patch


This plugin is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.