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…is a hero.

And, for good measure:

An epic 70 minute review (7 10-minute segments) of the crapshoot of a movie The Phantom Menace was. It gets a little creepy towards the end, but it’s all funny nonetheless.


OiNK, the known yet unknown tracker that everyone wanted an invite to, has been shut down and the site replaced with a gray message from the authorities. Apparently the servers, which were in Amsterdam, were seized and the owner, a 24-year-old man from England, was arrested.

What I don’t get are both the charges being brought against him and the purpose of this. As far as I know, though IANAL, it’s not the trackers themselves that are liable, because technically they’re not sharing the files themselves. The users are the ones that upload the torrents, and the users are the ones that actually share the content.

Secondly, why OiNK? It’s a relatively small, and private, tracker — 180,000 “hard-core file sharers” by the IFPI’s own figures. The Pirate Bay has many times that, and they’re a public tracker, flaunting the law in the open. Yet they seem to be fine after their servers were seized recently. Even Demonoid would be a much juicier prize.

That said, R.I.P. OiNK, 2003/2004 — October 21, 2007. May you have a speedy recovery. Please?

(More information in the Ars Technica article.)