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They gave us folders in Google Reader… so why is this still such a mess?

Fred Hutch Speed Test

Oh, fuck yeah. When can I move in?

Add this line to your custom filters (click the AdBlock button, go to Options, and select the Customize tab):[class="ogAggregation"]

Refresh Facebook, and it’s gone forever.

Similar to Jesus

Conan O’Brien: Similar to Jesus Christ.

Just moved the domain away from GoDaddy to NearlyFreeSpeech, largely due to GoDaddy’s support for SOPA. Despite them saying they have withdrawn support for SOPA, this appears to merely be a PR move, and they have not actually withdrawn support for SOPA.

Read more about SOPA on Wikipedia, and find out why it’s not a good thing. Also, here’s’s official stance on SOPA.