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After being one of the most famous WordPress-run blogs for what seems like forever, Binary Bonsai is making the switch to Habari. I downloaded the 0.5 release to test it out, and I was surprised with how far it’s come. I thought about switching over, but I don’t really maintain/care about this blog anymore, so I’m thinking it’s not worth the trouble.

As for Michael’s new theme, I just wish he’d bring back Freya, which is still one of my favorite blog designs.

Note: to view his old entries, just take off the /archives/200X/XX/XX/ prefix — so it’s just /slug.

I’ve released SmartyPants 1.0, a plugin which filters the entry titles and content through SmartyPants, a typographical filter by John Gruber which does things like curly quotes and proper hyphens. This plugin uses PHP Markdown, a PHP implementation by Michel Fortin.

I recommend Habari Markdown in combination with this plugin.

Go to the SmartyPants project page to download it now.

I’ve released Footnotes 1.0, a plugin for Habari that adds, well, footnote functionality. Right now it’s pretty basic (it works, is easy to style with CSS, and did I mention, works?), but I hope to expand the feature set in future releases.

Special thanks to the WP-Footnotes plugin which inspired the concept and some of the initial features.

Go to the Footnotes project page to download it now.

Inspired by the Underscore Permalinks plugin for WordPress done by Ryan Boren, I created the equivalent for Habari. It makes use of code added in changeset 905, so make sure you’re using that revision or above.

Go to the Underscore Permalinks project page to download it.

Special thanks to Owen for the new plugin filter.

Wow, 1.0 didn’t last too long, did it. A new version of Headcode is available, with a few new additions.

Go to the Headcode page to download it.


  • Got rid of .DS_Store and __MACOSX stuff. (thanks, h0bbel)
  • Instead of echo Options::get(), Options::out(). Simpler, and adheres to the Habari standard. (thanks, freakerz)
  • Added phpDoc information.