Posted in November, 2014

Hot off the heels of the last release yesterday, Smarter Archives 3.2.1 has been released which fixes a bug involving an extra empty month. Thanks to thango for pointing it out.

Download it now.

This release updates the internationalization code to work with the new way languages are handled in WordPress 4.0 and up. Thanks to cplamondon for bringing it to my attention.

Download it now.

I spent some time making my navigation responsive, after some plugins didn’t really work for me. It turns out it’s pretty straightforward to code your own responsive navigation using jQuery.

With most of the unrelated HTML and code for my grid system stripped out, this is what the code for the navigation itself looks like:

This is what it looks like, first on big screens and then on mobile screens:

Navigation on bigger screens

Navigation on mobile screens

I stole the idea for using <span>s for the navigation icon from Bootstrap. It’s pretty straightforward to style:

Then this is the JavaScript for all of this:

Not only does this code handle the toggling of the navigation for mobile browsers, it also watches the size of the window. If someone resizes their window down to the size needed to trigger the bar or back to full size, it will handle it gracefully.

Quick and easy.