One of the OS X Yosemite features I had been looking forward to brings Netflix HTML5 streams to Safari. It’s supposed to drastically increase battery life and also takes away the last reason to have Silverlight installed.

But I uninstalled Silverlight and Netflix wouldn’t stop telling me I need to install Silverlight to watch anything. I found these requirements listed on the support site:

  • Early 2011 model or newer Mac
  • OS X 10.11 [sic] Yosemite or newer OS
  • Certain late Intel Sandy Bridge or any Intel Ivy Bridge/Haswell processor

As someone with a mid-2010 MacBook Pro that has a Core 2 Duo, this was really disappointing to discover. But it turns out Chrome has included the DRM components necessary for a while. Watching Netflix with HTML5 is as simple as installing Chrome.

If it doesn’t work right away, try going to chrome://components and seeing if the WidevineCdm component is installed. If it isn’t, click Check for update and it should install it. Once I installed this, Netflix started to stream perfectly without a trace of Silverlight in my system.