Posted in June, 2014

Smarter Archives 3.1.3 has been released, with a fix for a bug involving an extra quote. Download it now, or upgrade it through your WordPress admin.

Smarter Archives 3.1.2 has been released, download it now or update it through your WordPress admin.

This update includes only one change: the addition of a French (fr_FR) translation, thanks to Jean-Hugues Roy.

I’ve also moved the development repository to GitHub, but I will continue to push releases out through the official plugin repository.

With the news that the Washington Redskins have lost their trademark due to their name being ruled “disparaging,” I didn’t even consider the irony:

Redskins Irony Tweet

When I started to put my redesign together, I spent a lot of time wading through the CSS grid systems out there. Between Bootstrap, Responsive Grid System, Zurb, and others, I couldn’t find a solution that I liked. All either used non-semantic classes or had grids that I found overly complex. In the end, I found a guide to making your own grid system and put together my own responsive grid.

The code is pretty simple, and you can easily customize it and put it at the top of your CSS file:

Another benefit of rolling your own grid system is becoming very familiar with how responsive designs work (with @media queries) and how grid systems work. To use the above grid system, it’s pretty easy:

A note about the instructions in that guide: it uses rem units to set the grid up, but that unit isn’t supported in IE 8. In my example above, I ended up switching to em instead.

Near the end of April, I installed the Anti-spam plugin, which added an automated JavaScript-based verification system. The effects have been drastic:

The effects of Anti-spam

This graph shows the amount of spam that has been reaching Akismet: absolutely none. At the same time, legitimate comments have been making it through, so the system seems to be working as expected. I highly recommend this approach to combating comment spam, at least until spammers find a way around it.