The disk usage for my website shot up recently, and I couldn’t figure out why. I did some digging, and I found out that my plugins folder was 23 MB in size. How can this be? For reference, my entire website is only about ~48 MB, and that’s including this jump.

$ du -hd 1 | grep plugins
 23M    ./plugins

It turns out that this was all due to my Jetpack install:

$ du -hd 1 | grep jetpack
 21M    ./jetpack

As it turns out, the languages folder was 10 MB on its own:

$ du -hd 1 | grep lang
 10M    ./languages

So I deleted the following files and folders: languages, tests, phpunit.xml, and readme.txt. My Jetpack folder is now down to a more reasonable 6.6 MB. It seems pretty sloppy to include the unit tests with a production release, but if you remember to delete these folders every time you update the plugin, you will save a lot of disk space.

Of course, if you actually need a translation, I would recommend deleting all the PO/MO files except for the ones you need.