Posted in April, 2013

Smarter Archives 2.5 has just been released. I’ve made it so that the changes are invisible to users, but the code has been streamlined, optimized, and improved in a lot of ways. Most importantly, a couple of new options to customize what the function does have been added, and the old function name has been deprecated in favor of a new one that makes more sense, smarter_archives(). I’ve added a brief version of the changes below to the Readme file.

Download it now from the WordPress Plugin Directory. There is an example of the plugin in action on my archives page.


  • Template tag function has been renamed to smarter_archives
  • New filters are available:
    • smarter_archives_defaults — applied to function defaults before user arguments are merged in
    • smarter_archives_where — applied to WHERE statement of the SQL
    • smarter_archives_join — applied to blank string, JOIN statement can be added if desired
    • smarter_archives_months — applied to array of short month names (Jan, Feb, etc.)
  • Function output can now be either outputted by default or returned
  • Non-breaking space between months is now customizable
  • Order can now be switched between descending (default) and ascending