Posted in October, 2012

Turns out the <slash:comments> tag was added to the core a long time ago… who knew?

I’ve updated the plugin to 2.0, and all it does now is put up a warning in the admin area saying to delete the plugin as it’s just causing an useless plugin to load.

Original Trac ticket in case you’re interested. 6 years? Has it really been that long?

I came across buttermilk in a local grocery store so I thought I would give Kottke’s recipe for the best pancakes in the world a try. I’m going to go ahead and agree… these are the best pancakes I can remember having. They are so fluffy and moist, and they came out perfectly.

A few tips:

  • To cook them, I used medium heat under a griddle (thanks to the Internet for this suggestion). From what I found, this lets the pancakes actually heat up as opposed to sear, so the batter gets a chance to rise.
  • If you’ve never cooked pancakes before, wait until bubbles form and pop on the top of them before you flip them. After you flip them, they will be done in 20 seconds or so.
  • I couldn’t find real buttermilk, unfortunately. This Organic Valley cultured buttermilk was as close as I could get. These pancakes were still great, though.
  • One batch using Kottke’s amounts yielded 12 largish pancakes. You could probably squeeze 16 out if you use more reasonable amounts.

Here are some more pictures, before and after decoration: