I test drove Linux Mint a while back and uninstalled it, but I’ve always been stuck with the GRUB boot loader that it left behind. After researching, I came up with the following to replace GRUB with the Windows boot loader:

  1. Download and install EasyBCD. Don’t worry, it’s free for non-commercial use.
  2. Go to the BCD Deployment tab.
  3. Select the correct version of the Windows boot loader for your computer (Windows 7/Vista or XP).
  4. Click Write MBR.
  5. Go to the Edit Boot Menu tab and make sure your Windows installation is listed there correctly.

Reboot, and the GRUB screen should be gone. If you can’t boot into Windows, you probably deleted that boot entry (this happened to me). Try following the instructions here.


  • How would you suggest running Easy BCD if you don’t actually have a working copy of Windows on the machine?

  • Do you have a CD of Windows anywhere? If so, try this:

    Basically, you boot up into the Windows installation but instead of installing, you repair the boot loader. This is assuming you want to boot into a copy of Windows.

    Also, look here:

    That’s a live CD distro that’s strictly for repairing boot-up stuff in every way possible. That might actually be the best way of going about this, but I only found that now so I’ve never actually used it.

    Good luck!