After being one of the most famous WordPress-run blogs for what seems like forever, Binary Bonsai is making the switch to Habari. I downloaded the 0.5 release to test it out, and I was surprised with how far it’s come. I thought about switching over, but I don’t really maintain/care about this blog anymore, so I’m thinking it’s not worth the trouble.

As for Michael’s new theme, I just wish he’d bring back Freya, which is still one of my favorite blog designs.

Note: to view his old entries, just take off the /archives/200X/XX/XX/ prefix — so it’s just /slug.


  • I’d not heard of this blog engine before. It’s good to see that some new engines are coming out and seem to be getting some attention. I feel that eventually WordPress will be overtaken as the most popular blog platform due to their insistence on backwards compatibility. The WordPress code is some of the worst I have seem, breeding insecurity.

  • I have been trying to weigh up the benefits of the different CMS, I use WordPress on one of my blogs and am fairly happy with it. I want to migrate my Computer Maintenance and PC Repair website. Do you think Habari is a serious option ?

  • I think Habari is a serious option alright. Besides all the technical benefits it does have over any other blogging engine, you would find by your self that its community is just unmatchable ;)

  • Thanks Ali for your positive response. I have had a quick look at the implementation on your site. I think I will use habari for a while on another project I have been thinking about for a while and see how I get on. I don’t really want to run wordpress for some sites and habari for others, so guess I will have to decide soon. Good Luck.

  • Hi there! I found your blog through a search for Habari as I’m looking for something suitable to use myself. However, I notice your footer now mentions WordPress.

    Did you give up on Habari? Would love to hear your input on it, even if it’s just a few quick words.


    • A bit late on this, but I’ll give my 2 cents anyways.

      Habari’s quickly becoming an option for the common user; I haven’t been involved with the project at all in a good while, but I assume it has only gotten closer to primetime.

      The reason this blog is now, and has been, on WordPress is merely the fact that I don’t involve myself in web development anymore — therefore, this is the platform I’m most familiar with, it’s the most evolved, and it’s also the most widely extended through plugins and themes.

      Though clicking on your site, it seems you’ve already embraced Habari. Kudos :).