Why does Peter Ha write for CrunchGear? Or, a more accurately phrased: why does he still write for CrunchGear?

TechCrunch, the massively popular blog about all things web 2.0, posted a recap about the week on CrunchGear. Here’s the part which kind of perturbed me a bit:

[…] our own Peter Ha alleged that the PS3 “stinks,” , and also that Leopard should die, causing an influx of fanboys to leave their folky brand of wisdom in the comments […] #

Console Wars

The first article was a holiday recommendation, recommending the Xbox 360. Fine. But why say this?

And the PS3 stinks! Well, not really, but I have an Elite so that’s why I’m recommending it.

Okay. But would you like to elaborate? I agree, to a certain point — while the PS3 can be viewed as a Blu-ray player, the game selection is poor, though improving. He even admits to this, later in the comments:

I’m not saying the PS3 isn’t worth a recommendation, but I don’t have one so I can’t recommend it. Maybe someone else on staff will. Besides, I like to poke fun at PS3 fanboys and see how riled up I can get them. #

That may be fine for your own blog, but CrunchGear is a site where you’re paid to be a professional commentator on all things gadgets. Not for you to amuse yourself by posting inflammatory comments, such as this one.

Bring it on, PS3 fanboys. Bring. It. On. #

Leopard: Die?

The second article was a rant about Leopard and his experience. It even has “Rant:” in the title. As some of the comments pointed out, Leopard isn’t exactly going to run great on a dying hard drive.

Here’s the best part, though.

Eat it, douche. #

Okay. You are professional as hell. You asked for it — you posted a rather strong rant about it, and of course you’re going to get Mac fanboys knocking on your door. Don’t need to start calling names.

Mr. Arrington

Fire Peter Ha. Or make him professional. I don’t give a shit. But either way, he is a liability to CrunchGear’s reputation. He could always use a personal blog for these unprofessional moments, you know.


  • I find that CrunchGear is written unprofessionally as a whole.

    Yeah, sure, you can throw in some humour into your posts, but don’t make the whole thing “humour”. A lot of the stuff they post about that is from smaller companies, they usually care nothing about and say something like “not that you’ll care”, or “it’s just another [product type], so I’m not going to talk about it”, then just post minimal details on it.

    Speaking of TechCrunch, it’s annoyingly slow. I go to read it in Google Reader and I have to wait for all the images and crap to load before I can actually read it (tends to make my browser sorta unresponsive). They should really get some faster servers, or (because I think they have a server cluster), add some more servers to the cluster.

  • Yeah, I prefer Engadget or Gizmodo and I rarely ever go to CrunchGear unless I’m linked there.

    Speaking of TechCrunch images in feeds, they look like crap in my feed reader (Google Reader), since the floats are stripped out, or something.

  • I actually like CrunchGear quite a bit. Sure, it’s a little unprofessional, but no more or less than Engadget or Gizmodo. Blogs aren’t, as far as I’m concerned, supposed to be AP-formatted raw feeds. I like the humor. Even Peter Ha’s. Sometimes.

  • You guys miss the point, th site is supposed to be a little goofy, They aren’t trying to be serious except in rare occasions. The norm is tech stories with humor injected in, and if thats not your thing, thats fine, there are other sites to suit your preferences.

  • he is paid to write that? Not sure if is that funny after all. Maybe that guy thinks is funny and maybe a bit different. Perhaps it is.