Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of immense amounts of idiocy. If you haven’t been around the tubes for the past few days, here’s a recap:

Someone posing as “malcor” (blog since removed) claimed to have hacked Glenn Wolsey, a reasonably prominent Mac blogger, and replaced his site with a page linking to the Malcor blog, with a picture of a rotton apple with a worm crawling through it. Next, MacApper was posted on Malcor’s blog as the next target, and soon thereafter it was brought down, too.

A few other sites were also brought down in a similar fashion (including Apple Matters), and it had a lot of people buzzing. Then, a short apology was posted on Apple Matters, revealing the Malcor business to be a PR stunt. More information followed, decrying it to have been orchestrated by Phill Ryu and MacHeist, in anticipation of MacHeist II.

Now MacApper has posted an apology of sorts as well, but the idiocy still amazes me. An official apology has appeared on the MacHeist forums, but I think the PR stunt really got out of hand.

Most of the sites that were “hacked” were powered by either WordPress or Expression Engine, two rather popular blogging and CMS software. EE even posted an official response, which did not sound too amused:

The answer is no. These claims are completely false, fabrications of an ill-conceived publicity stunt. EllisLab was not notified of this stunt nor were we involved in any way. We’re not linking to anything because we’ll be damned if we give this stunt additional publicity. #

Of course, this had people running WordPress a bit alarmed, mainly due to WordPress’ rather spotty at best security record. Here’s the last part: Glenn Wolsey’s blog is apparently hosted for free by Media Temple, and his blog getting “hacked” undoubtedly didn’t look so great for (mt).

The aftermath of this, of course, is that all the people involved — Phill Ryu, MacHeist, MacApper, and so on — all look like a bunch of idiots. I can’t believe they didn’t come up with consequences (remember those?) when they thought this through (they did do that, right?).

Needless to say, a few sites are losing their place in my RSS reader.


  • I blogged about this myself.

    As you say, the biggest disappointment is that none of these people apparently took 10 seconds to think about any possible consequences their little joke might have. It’s not a trivial matter for the people whose reputations they have damaged, at all.

    As they’ll all find out, I’m sure, because their own reputations will suffer.

  • Yes they have fooled us all, it is quite embarrassing especially for our site, since we are a web security portal, we should really know better.

    I am honestly quite furious and will write numerous blog posts on the subject at so that these bastards are exposed for the lying treacherous conmen that they are. Let’s show these slimy snakes that the mac community is NOT smug and does NOT take itself too seriously by getting outraged and making their lives hell in blog form.

    cheers jorge

  • @Rob: I hope their reputations do suffer. And I’d question Media Temple’s actions if they continued to host him for free after this. Apparently he even reported being hacked to them, not saying it was a practical joke, and they spent time and money trying to figure out what happened.

  • Agreed Robin. MT still has this guy listed as a “premier blogger” and has ads on his site. Then there’s the 9rules + MT connection. Has anyone heard from the WP development team?