It’s amazing what you can find on the Internet — and I just stumbled upon a goldmine of information that is hosted by Wikia, a hosted wiki service started by Jimmy Wales, most famous for, of course, Wikipedia, the wiki of all wikis. Just some gems I found.

Best part? All of this information is from users — I know the “wiki” concept might be a bit old and all, but it’s still hard not to be awed by the whole Wikia universe. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to kill time the best way I know how to1.

  1. Apart from Wikipedia, of course. 


  • You left out the best one! Memory Alpha – the ultimate Star Trek database. I remember it back in the days when it was a collection of straight HTML pages hosted on (gasp) AOL member pages. It’s absolutely amazing to see such progress, thanks to the wiki concept.

    Oh, and who needs more Half Life games? Ever since Day of Defeat came out, there has been no room for further progress…

  • Whoa… static HTML pages on AOL member hosting? No. Way. Blast from the past.

    Uh… I do! Counter-Strike is the king, but TF2 and DoD: Source are pretty cool. Not to mention Half-Life 2. CS:S just kinda sucks.

  • Interesting… but then again I never really liked WWII shooters. And to be honest I hate ancient weapons — give me an M4 in CS any day :).

  • I think the main reason I don’t enjoy CS more is that I suck… 30 seconds into the match, I die and have to watch everyone else run around having fun until the next one starts. Blah!

  • Yeah, everyone I talk to says it’s more a game of reflexes than aiming and strategy. I usually keep a 1:1 or 1.5:1 ratio. Depends on who I’m playing, though, of course.

    Whenever I played DoD I always got shot from places I didn’t know existed… and DoD was laggy on my computer and CS was fine, which was kind of weird. But that computer was a piece of crap.