Great news. Gmail has introduced support for IMAP, and according to the “what’s new” page:

Don’t fret if you don’t see “IMAP Access” yet under the Settings menu. We’re rolling it out to everyone over the next few days. #

So while it seems like everyone else seems to already have it, I’m still stuck in the dark ages here. I’ve waited for more than a few days, yet still no IMAP. C’mon Google, you’re killing me here.


  • It just showed up for me earlier today, but to be honest I’m not too impressed. I guess I’ve just adapted to a web-based interface, but using kinda sucked.

    Can’t believe how excited I was, though…

  • I just checked again and it showed up…

    Not sure if I’ll use it, though… I suppose one of the reasons I use web mail is because I have multiple computers…

    But I also like the interface and it’s usability. I’m not sure it’s worth going to desktop-based mail programs.

  • Guys just turn your setting to English language and you will see the IMAP option.

    The google people always makes thins kind of progressive changes first on ENGLISH UI and then in the other languages…

    Enjoy it!!!

  • Good tip from Rodrigo, from which after seeing, I have changed my language from “English (UK)” to “English (US)” and I now can use IMAP.

    So all you Britich folks (like me :)) change it to ENGLISH US and you will get IMAP. Unfortunately seems that Google does like the Brits at the moment. :(

  • Hi guys… sorry for don ‘t explain better my comment, i’m from Argentina. But yes… seems like google always implements all its features first on english(us) ui and then in all the others languages. So, i hope my tip help you. Thanks Jaabir for you better explanation ;-)