Inspired by the Underscore Permalinks plugin for WordPress done by Ryan Boren, I created the equivalent for Habari. It makes use of code added in changeset 905, so make sure you’re using that revision or above.

Go to the Underscore Permalinks project page to download it.

Special thanks to Owen for the new plugin filter.


  • What, do you think, would be the benefit for underscore permalinks versus dashed? Just personal preference? Personally, I like the dashed, but I’m sure there are others who prefer the underscore.

  • Yeah, personal taste. I find underscores make the slug more readable, and also some former Movable Type users may find underscores better, as that was MT’s form of creating slugs. That was what the original WordPress plugin was for.

    I guess it’s either way.

  • Hi Robin,

    There must be some seo effects? An increase in search traffic perhaps?

    I see that this post uses underscore as well.. would be helpful to hear your experience :)