Speed Test Results

Apparently my Qwest connection has about 3M download, and 512k upload. Not so good for a service that claims “up to 7 Mbps download” (I’m getting 3) and “896 Kbps upload” (I’m getting 512k).


  • It’s the exact same for me here in Central Oregon. It really pisses me off. I hate qwest (but what else is there around here?)

  • Same as in my area, at least my house. It’s a relatively new construction (1 year old, only) so there aren’t any cable linkups and Qwest seemed to have the best prices in the few choices we had.

    At least they don’t throttle like Comcast, though.

  • Oh, and gaming is pretty miserable on this connection (100 < ms ping, on most servers). I get around 120 on a server that is about 5 miles from my house.