Wow, 1.0 didn’t last too long, did it. A new version of Headcode is available, with a few new additions.

Go to the Headcode page to download it.


  • Got rid of .DS_Store and __MACOSX stuff. (thanks, h0bbel)
  • Instead of echo Options::get(), Options::out(). Simpler, and adheres to the Habari standard. (thanks, freakerz)
  • Added phpDoc information.


  • So, I went to install Habari a couple of weeks back so I could check it out, only to discover that it required Apache 2 to run. My webhost only runs Apache 1.x.x at this point. Can you recommend a decent webhost that would work well with Habari? It sounds like an intriguing project (even though I’m a loyal WordPress fan).

  • Thanks, I’ll take a look. I’m not sure I can afford VPS at this point, so shared hosting is kind of what I’m stuck with. I’m using Bluehost at the moment and I’ve been extremely pleased with most of their features and customer service. They just don’t have the latest software on a couple of things (like Apache). Unfortunately, for the kind of stuff I want to do, I’m almost afraid that VPS is where I’d have to go in order to make it all happen.

  • That’s surprising, though — I’d think most shared hosters would be running Apache 2.x. But I talked to some Habari developers, and apparently there’s no requirement to Apache version — 1.3.x or 2.x both work fine. It’s just the version of PHP which matters, and PHP 5.1 and above run the same in 1.3.x and 2.x. So I think you would be fine with your current host, unless you have another reason to switch.

  • Huh, I was certain that the documentation said that Apache 2 was a requirement. I’ll have to go back and see again. The other thing I need to figure out is how to install the sucker. The installation directions I saw looked like I might need root access, or at the least, shell. I’m still figuring out how that all works.