I’ve actually had this code done and sitting around for a few days, but some issues with the WordPress plugin repository delayed my release, but now I can announce that I have released 1.0 of Cleaner Dashboard, a WordPress plugin.

This plugin does two things to your dashboard:

  • The WordPress News and Other WordPress News sections are removed. You don’t even load them. Why? So you won’t have to bother with the AJAX call for the news. Also, it looks neater.
  • The sidebar (with incoming links, recent posts, etc.) is made more horizontal, with four columns instead of the default one. This makes it so you can see all the information at one glance, rather than having to scroll down.

But, as they say, pictures are worth a thousand words. So here’s a screenshot that most likely illustrates what I’m unable to explain with words.

Cleaner Dashboard

Go to the Cleaner Dashboard plugin page to download it.


  • Hmm, I think I have the same problem now, as a trackback’s filling the box up to the edge. I think I have a solution for this, however. Stay tuned for 1.1 :).