I saw this little list at the end of the September 2007 issue of the Seattle Metropolitan and just broke out in laughter at some of the items. To give this list a little context, keep in mind that the majority of Seattle are Democrats, and Portland is an insult.

“Top 10 lines to start a bar fight in Seattle”

  1. Is that the Space Needle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  2. So, you grew up in Portland?
  3. I’ll bet you can tell me where to score some crack.
  4. M’s suck. [Note: M’s are the Mariners]
  5. Nice shirt. Looks even better on my mother’s hairdresser.
  6. That Bill O’Reilly makes a lot of sense if you stop and listen to him.
  7. Hey, do me a favor — tell your girlfriend not to call after 11.
  8. You know what would hide that bald spot?
  9. I wish people would stop picking on President Bush. He’s doing the best he can.
  10. Let’s fight.