For the end part of June and the entirety of July, I will be in Italy, and thus nothing will happen here. Not that that’s unusual, or anything. But I won’t be active in WordPress matters, and this blog will be left unattended to. I suppose I’ll close comments. Don’t fail me, Akismet.

Things I’m going to be missing:

(Let’s hope this future posting thing works.)


  • Forgot to close comments? I use this opportunity to wish you a good time in the most comfortable country of the world :-)

  • Nah, just hoping and praying Bad Behavior + Akismet will stand up to the torrent of spam that hopefully will never come. fingers crossed ;)

    I take it you’re Italian? :) Oh, and thanks :).

  • Robin, I checked in here because it has been a couple weeks since I have seen you driving WordPress development. I am very happy to find that you are healthy, and I imagine you are having a fantastic time!

  • Italy…ahh…what a sweet country. Waiting for the iPhone – well try living in Europe…who knows when we are going to get it!